Defend Tomorrow

The Defend Tomorrow Initiative is a movement dedicated to further empowering and equipping global citizens & increasing our commitment to advocacy through industry. Working side-by-side with our global projects, we will establish where the need for sustainable infrastructure is greatest and forge new ways to work with these communities to help establish and stabilize long-term solutions to the social & economic issues which are hindering their independent growth. Through this initiative we will be bringing together advocates, ambassadors, cooperatives, manufacturers, activists, and any individual who believes that defending tomorrow is only possible by taking action today. 
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Apolis is a platform for a network of global citizens who are empowering people through opportunity. Apolis co-creates products with manufacturers and we allow the market to determine the future of each item we produce. We know that donating proceeds can be effective, but we believe that advocating for access to opportunity and creating that opportunity is even better. As the line between development and business is becoming blurred in the marketplace, consumers are beginning to see their integral role in the process as they demand to know how, where and by whom their products are made. With select products, Apolis connects developing economies to the global marketplace through seasonal stories and tracks our tangible social results (Learn More: Philanthropist Briefcase, Transit Elite Sweater). We believe in “advocacy through industry”.


Although Apolis is heavily inspired by philanthropy, we are a for-profit social enterprise wherein our customers act as benefactors, allowing Apolis to grow as a sustainable business instead of depending on fundraising for support. We have found this model of social business to be the most valuable and effective way to accomplish our ambitious long term goals of “advocacy through industry.” 

Common Thread

Each garment we produce is hand stitched with a red cross. At Apolis, the cross stitch has come to symbolize the common thread that connects all global citizens committed to quality and change.

Global Citizen

We believe that the commonality between currencies, flags and languages is people.  It is people who decide the standard for quality, the criteria for trust and the market’s future. It is people who are the innovators, the advocates, and the revolutionaries.  Apolis is a small group of social entrepreneurs who believe that the most valuable practice in creating lasting change is by investing in people. (Learn More, Global Citizen Short Films: Jason Russell (1m 31s), Rod Arnold (2m 13s), Michael Daube (2m 19s))


Our manufacturing process takes us to the ends of the earth to responsibly source the finest materials and the most technical manufacturing processes. Through our travels we have come to understand that authentic results come from the daily partnerships with our manufacturers that allow us to maintain equal responsibility for all successes and failures. (Learn More: Transit Issue Smartphone Wallet - Vietnam Film (3m 59s), Artisan Linen Accessories - USA Film (1m 58s)


Regularly we partner with global suppliers to manufacture products that equip and empower global citizens. In an effort to bring a voice to these suppliers, we embark on an expedition to learn about their culture and their customs by documenting our travels. We complement many of our products with a short film, as well as daily journals, showcasing our manufacturing processes and sharing images of our experiences abroad. These documentary films have become a powerful tool in promoting tourism in the areas where we work and they provide a transparent look at the manufacturers who produce Apolis products. (Learn More: Nepal Photostory & Film, Vietnam Photostory & Film)

Certified B Corporation

We are a B Corporation

At Apolis, we have designed our business to make a social impact. Becoming a Certified B Corporation means we have met higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are proud of our B Corporation status and invite you to find out more about the certification process.


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