Wired - March 2015

Wired - March 2015

An Intriguing Partnership Designed to Fuel Startups

Chivas Regal and Apolis are two brands that share a strong passion for what they do, and now, they’re part of a global effort to support businesses that create meaningful change in the world. They are offering the most promising startups the opportunity to win a share of $1Million in a global competition called The Venture.

The Venture exists to inspire and support businesses that generate both profit and positive change. It is a global hunt to find the most promising startups with the potential for remarkable financial and social returns. Up to twenty startups or startup ideas -- one from each country participating -- will win the opportunity to attend the global final in July 2015 and spend a week in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the world’s startup community.

Each attendee will be mentored by world-famous business leaders and given advice around how to build their own Indiegogo campaign, as well as prepare a compelling video and pitch. The Venture will award $250,000 of the $1M through voting and the remaining $750,000 at the final event.

The project is highlighted on YouTube, and participating countries include the US, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine and South Africa. Each region is given a personal voice that highlights their unique culture, creating a dynamic understanding of how and where they are shaping social impact. Fast Company is a supporter of the project and spreading the word through their channels around the world.

The Venture offers a new vision for social responsibility and hopes to have tremendous influence, inspiring businesses to change the way they view their role within the world. Reaching beyond the one-time donation mindset, The Venture was created to empower companies with a model that will offer ways to make a sustainable positive change in the world for years to come -- a new vision of social entrepreneurship instead of philanthropy.

Chivas and Apolis have created a venue for impactful innovation that offers entrepreneurs and startups a unique opportunity to change the future of millions around the world for good.

Do you have a socially minded enterprise? Enter here.

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