Hypebeast - December 2014

Hypebeast - December 2014

Chivas Plans to Donate $1 Million USD to Socially Conscious Start-ups

In an age driven by the latest innovation, technological impacts on society and our environment often take a backseat to convenience and profit margins. However, as our negative influence continues to be documented by factual statistics, a new age of businesses are beginning to use technology for the greater good, ensuring future generations to come are able to enjoy what many of us have taken for granted.

Take brothers Raan and Shea Parton of Apolis for example. The California-based lifestyle brand uses the business model “advocacy through industry” to empower local manufacturers and artisans around the globe to create and evoke social change.

Chivas believes in supporting innovative thinkers like these men, so if you’re looking to launch your own socially conscious business you can enter for a chance to win a share of Chivas’ $1 million “Win the Right Way” fund by applying here.

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