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A Great Day in Men's Wear


We asked 21 of the best men's designers in the world about their biggest challenges and greatest triumphs.


How two laid-back, globetrotting brothers make bags, basics, and home goods with a conscience.

The Big Idea:

Shea: "We traveled a lot growing up, and through some of those travels, we saw a lot of different supply chains, manufacturing, and rural indigenous handcrafting. And that gave us an idea: what if we could work with some of those supply chains or artisan groups from around the world, and what if we could connect them to a larger market?

Raan: "We have about 15 of these more rural indigenous supply chains, and we work to create employment for these communities through manufacturing."

Biggest Challenge To Come:

Raan: "There's been a big change in how consumers are interacting with brands, and how we engage that audience, and how we give them a front-row seat, is a big part of what we're trying to accomplish."?

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