Afar October 7 2014

Afar October 7 2014


Apolis is a lifestyle brand that co-creates products with manufacturers from around the world

Where we want want to go:

“We like to mix our travel with both high and low experiences to really understand a variety of cultures and see them from the local’s viewpoint. To start, we would love to make a long overdue visit to our most successful development partner in rural Bangladesh. Mohammed G and his team have been sewing Market Bags for us since 2011 and it would be great to spend time with them in their beautiful country. We would also love to stay at the newest Ace Hotel, the AmTrade Hotel in Panama, with our wives. We have made a collaborative gauze scarf with Atelier Ace, based on our friendship with the late owner Alex Calderwood, and this new renovation was also designed by our good friends at Commune. It is the only worldwide property of their hotel group we have yet to see in person and would love an excuse to visit.”

What we plan to give:

“We are planning to gift these our close friends and family these items themed around being a global citizen: First, an Apolis alpaca travel kit which is hand knit in our Peru co-op. It includes the alpaca blanket, eye mask, and travel pillow which are all essentials for a road trip or global adventure. Secondly we will gift a copy of Marcus Samuelsson's book Yes, Chef which is the inspiring global story of the importance family, food and travel played in his rise to fame. Lastly, we will gift a copy of the new Alfredo Rodriguez jazz album The Invasion Parade. He is a close friend who has an inspiring story of defecting from Cuba to be produced by Quincy Jones. He even moved in with Raan and stayed on his couch while he played worldwide during his first year in the U.S.”

What we hope to receive:

“We love the world of photography and have gradually begun to know the team at Leica. Over the years we have been blown away by Leica’s attention to detail and their desire to never stop innovating. Since we document our global artisan suppliers to learn about their culture and their customs, our dream gift this year would be the new Leica MP camera to document our travels.”