Travel: Washington DC, Building Partnerships

Travel: Washington DC, Building Partnerships

By Shea Parton

Photos by Charles Beck for Apolis

Our family is annually invited to our country's capital for the National Prayer Breakfast to hear our serving president and distinguished speakers. A 1953 Eisenhower tradition started in an effort to bring global leaders together with the common goal of reconciliation. An influential roster of politicians, inspirational leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists - meet together to focus on what we have in common rather than in difference. This year we hosted Invisible Children executives, Ben Thomson and Ben Keesey, and met with a number of ambassadors to developing countries in search of new supply chain partnerships. With any new partnership we also take the time to find a matching philanthropic organization on the ground and this year we were pleased with a few intriguing introductions. Also fortunate to attend a handful of international briefings for global conflicts and hear encouraging stories of progress and perseverance from all corners of the world.

The timeless values and historic leadership labels Washington as the epicenter for impacting culture, and continues to inspire our long term goals of empowering global citizens through opportunity instead of charity.

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