Retail: Waiheke Island, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

Retail: Waiheke Island, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

By Shea & Raan Parton, Andrew Glenn

Photos by The Oyster Inn

We are privileged to release the Waiheke Island Market Bag, exclusively sold at the Oyster Inn, located on Waiheke Island, in Auckland, New Zealand. This is our 64 of a total of 74, City Series Market Bags, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh (Watch: Bangladesh Co-op).

Waiheke Island is in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand, about 18km from Auckland. It is the second-largest island in the gulf, after Great Barrier Island. Waiheke is the third most populated island in New Zealand after the North and South Islands. It is the most accessible island in the gulf, with regular passenger and car ferry services, as well as some air links.

The Oyster Inn is located in Oneroa Village, the first village you arrive to when coming off the ferry from Auckland. Oneroa Bay is beautiful, one of the major north facing beaches on Waiheke with golden sand and clear water. On a beautiful sunny day the bay fills with literally hundreds of boats. Waiheke’s community is eclectic, diverse and colourful. Waiheke is home to many artists and wine makers with over 30 vineyards.

Waiheke has about 9,000 permanent residents plus another estimated 3,400 who have second or holiday homes on the island. The island has a unique micro-climate which makes Waiheke warmer and sunnier than nearby Auckland. Waiheke’s natural beauty attracted Andrew Glenn and his team to open The Oyster Inn. The store offers practical but stylish options for island living which compliments the restaurant and hotel. The Oyster Inn team likes to think that their opening in 2013 has added some color to Oneroa Village and they are blessed to have been embraced so kindly by the locals who frequently visit Oyster Inn.

Visit New Zealand this year and add the Waiheke Island Market Bag to your gift list. We look forward to seeing our relationship grow with the Oyster Inn and we are grateful to make a global impact with our new friends on Waiheke Island.

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