Retail: Vail, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

Retail: Vail, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

By Raan Parton

Photos by Raan & Lindsay Parton

We are privileged to release the Vail Market Bag, exclusively sold at Gorsuch, located in Colorado. This is our 39th Local + Global project, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh (Watch: Bangladesh Co-op).

Vail is a unique and charming mountain village, bustling summer and winter with locals and tourists alike. Nestled on the main cobblestone street through town is a renowned establishment, Gorsuch. Known for their high taste in both apparel and home goods, they have been a must-see for decades in Colorado.

In 1960, David and Renie Gorsuch both competed in the Olympics for Alpine Skiing and once finished, decided to open a small shop. Originally making hand knit beanies and selling off old racing skiis, they formed the business in Crested Butte, Colorado and were soon offered the hallmark corner retail in Vail for the second and soon to be HQ store in 1966. At that time, Vail was aiming to be a private resort community so real estate, let alone a business, was a rarity. They took the open door opportunity and expanded their business to a much wider variety of brands and ski equipment.

Now with five locations around Colorado, they have become the source for the highest quality brands from around the world. Much of their esthetic in the store has come from many European travels to the Alps, which can been seen in the plaids, furs, and leathers made by highly admired brands such as Brunello Cucinelli, Bogner, Moncler, Ralph Lauren, etc. They have three sons (similar to the Parton brothers) that now handle various parts of the growing family business.

Renie Gorsuch quotes the motto for their hospitality at the shop : "We are meeting people at their most sacred time, their 'holiday'... do everything you can to go out of your way to accommodate and host them." Hospitality can be felt at the front door, when they greet you with a fresh apple or hot cup of spiced tea on a cold snowy day. The family's two Bernice Mountain dogs welcome each visitor and have become a fixture for those visiting each season to come back and admire.

Visit Vail this winter and add the Vail Market Bag to your gift list. We look forward to seeing our relationship grow with Gorsuch and are grateful to make a global impact with the community of Vail.

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