Retail: Sydney, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

Retail: Sydney, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

By Raan & Shea Parton, Vincent & Brian Wu

Photos by Incu Pty Ltd

We are privileged to release the Apolis + Incu Sydney Market Bag, exclusively sold at Incu’s Galeries shop in Australia. This is our 12th Local + Global project, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh. The first ten Apolis mobile app users to visit Incu Galeries and purchase their exclusive Sydney Market Bag & Apolis + Co-op Scarf bundle will receive $45 AUD savings.

Sydney, Australia is another Local+Global partner that we are excited to announce. The brothers at Incu have been Apolis supporters since the early years and relay the hand selected product mix to their well-informed customers. Whether tourists, travelers, university students or young professionals, Incu thoughtfully introduces them to products that encourage longevity, value, transparent manufacturing and quality of design. The city of Sydney is so diverse and located along one of the most expensive and beautiful coastlines in the world, so overhearing a conversation in the store about a beach run or the post-work day surf report is to be expected. Most visit for the acclaimed Sydney Fish Markets or the Opera House, but whatever brings you ‘down under’, stop by Incu and pick up the new Sydney Market bag to take along the journey with you.

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