Retail: Portland, Maine, Regional Local + Global Partnership

Retail: Portland, Maine, Regional Local + Global Partnership

By Dustin Otton & Shea Parton

Photos by Dustin Otton & Steve Beach

We are privileged to release the Apolis + Portland Dry Goods Portland, Maine Market Bag, exclusively sold at Portland Dry Goods in Maine. This is a milestone market bag, our 27th Local + Global project, which means our regional market bag retailers now stretch from coast to coast in the United States and are also present in six countries across four continents. The aim of these projects is to connect regional retailers with our global advocacy work and help create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh.

Portland is a lively, creative, coastal community in the midst of a state known for its nautical and rural qualities. Portland and the surrounding area encompass one-third of Maine’s total population and contains a popular Old Port District with plenty of live music, art, and a burgeoning clothing and apparel industry. Historically, Portland has also been known as a foodie town featuring fresh sea food, but Portland Dry Goods Manager Dustin Otton made it abundantly clear that Portland has more to offer than just lobster rolls. There is a resilient spirit amongst the people of Portland, a characteristic that has been honed after the city burned completely to the ground four times in its history. Each time, citizens have rebuilt right on top of the ashes and the current incarnation is a walkable city with strong local loyalty.

Owner David Hodgkins owns three retailers in Portland all lined side-by-side on Commercial Street: Barber by David Wood, David Wood Clothiers, and Portland Dry Goods. David has been the premier tailor in Portland for 30 years and Portland Dry Goods is designed to cater to young professionals looking for functional hardware and tailored style. Artisan stores surround Portland Dry Goods including lobster, cigar, and spice shops. Each product at the shop has a taste of Maine, but also something new. It is this commitment to both their local community and the wider world that makes Portland Dry Goods the perfect partner for our 25th Local + Global market bag.

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