Retail: Melbourne, Regional Local + Global Partnership

Retail: Melbourne, Regional Local + Global Partnership

By Shea Parton, Vincent & Brian Wu

Photos by Incu Pty Ltd

We are privileged to release the Apolis + Incu Melbourne Market Bag, exclusively sold at Incu in Melbourne, Australia. This is our 31st Local + Global project, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh.

Melbourne, Australia has always been considered one of the world's most liveable cities and is a tight-knit, creative, and loyal community. Widely recognized as Australia's cultural hub, the city has a large art, film, and design scene, and is also easy to explore with the largest tram network outside of Europe. Rooftop bars and restaurants like Rooftop Bar and Siglo) are popular, but patrons must always be aware of the city's unpredictable weather. Visitors to Melbourne should bring clothes for every season and layering is a must when exploring this city located on Australia’s southern coast. 

Incu’s Melbourne shop opened its doors on Flinders Lane in 2009. This was Incu’s first foray into the Victoria region, but founders Vincent and Brian Wu knew the shop would be in good company. The Flinders Lane neighborhood has historically been known as a destination for boutique shopping, great coffee, and delicious, yet unpretentious food. The shop proprietors were confident that their business would succeed because it incorporates both directional and accessible collections in tune with the undercurrents of Melbourne fashion. Additionally, over the last three years, the Incu staff has built strong bonds with its customer base which includes many menswear experts who are passionate about fashion, but also into food, travel, music, and the arts.

We are delighted to continue our relationship with Incu and establish our second Local + Global partnership, joining the Sydney Market Bag. As they continue to grow their brick and mortar footprint, we hope to grow with them, telling the stories of their local communities, while connecting them with a global network of retailers committed to Advocacy Through Industry.

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