Retail: Des Moines, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

Retail: Des Moines, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

By Shea Parton & Kevin Hansen

Photos by Garrett Cornelison

We are privileged to release the Apolis + Badowers Des Moines Market Bag, exclusively sold at Badowers in Des Moines, Iowa. This is our 16th Local + Global project, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh.

The Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area is home to 500,000 people and is the cultural hub of the surrounding region. It has a rich culture combining music, agriculture and a general warmth and support oftentimes missing from the coastal regions of the United States. The Des Moines Arts Festival, 80/35 music festival, and Iowa State Fair draw tourists in droves, especially the fair which attracts 1 million visitors in ten days every August. Overall, Des Moines has a high standard of living with low unemployment, no traffic, and was even named the best place to live in the country for young professionals by Forbes Magazine

Our Local + Global partner in Des Moines is Badowers, a men’s specialty store founded by Fred Badower. Fred was a holocaust survivor who immigrated to the US in the late 1940’s and settled in Des Moines. He was a tailor by trade and started Badowers with his wife who worked the front store while Fred was the head tailor until he retired in the 1980’s. For over 50 years, Badowers has been focused on fit, quality, and value and is the only men’s specialty store still in Des Moines. Badowers’ neighborhood is a mixture of retail, restaurants, bars, and houses built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Fred Badower’s long-term commitment to the community of Des Moines and his global roots make Badowers the perfect partner in our Local + Global series and makes us proud to announce our new partnership and special edition Market Bag.

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