Product: Locally Hand Poured Transit Issue Candles

Product: Locally Hand Poured Transit Issue Candles

By Raan Parton & Luke Warner

Photos by Raan Parton

Recently we released a pair of hand poured candles that are made here in Los Angeles with cotton wicks & natural soy-based wax with a blend of cypress and fig scents. A masculine cypress wood scent softened with the sweetness of fig – a clean, warming scent which can make anywhere feel like home.

We worked with the local candle company run by our friends Judith and Heather, and spent a few days sitting with them to learn about the process. We studied the scents and tested them in their 1,000 square foot studio in West Los Angeles. They pour every one of their candles in-house and ship nearly 20,000 candles a year to both independent and major retailers. The only part of the process that they outsource is the packaging which is done in partnership with a local organization that has been committed to bettering the way of life for over 8,000 adults with various disabilities.

Born in Portland, Heather worked in women’s fashion and retail before taking the reins at the candle company a year ago. Judith, who hails from Berkshire in the UK has been with the company for three years, after a long career in design. Now, the two helm this growing chandlery.

We were fortunate that they were able to find the time for their team of eight to finish our Transit Issue candles. The women shared their fascination with the subtle nature of candles and power of olfactory associations to evoke emotions and instant familiarity via a simple scent. The mix of fragrances in their space was a welcome change from our downtown work studio and we’re glad to be bringing a small piece of the candle shop’s aromatics to our home and hopefully yours as well. 

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