Product: Apolis Spring 2015 Collection Lookbook

Product: Apolis Spring 2015 Collection Lookbook

By Raan Parton

Photos by Will Adler


Our garment design and textile development takes us across the globe and has allowed us to partner with new manufacturers seasonally who are committed to excellence with their craftsmanship that has always been a deep consideration for us.  We found ourselves in an industry that sometimes overlooks the production portion of the process but personally I think it is the most fascinating. To take raw materials from the ground and spin them into yarns, dye them, weave them and then puzzle them together with the expectation that after a garment is laundered anticipating the natural disposition of the fabric to shrink and that it fits great and lasts is an incredible challenge in design and logistics. 

This year we have developed a new line of linen and cotton garments that we have worked with a mill in Spain to develop.  All of the fabrication and colors and weave the production yardage and have done all of the constructed in Portugal using a lightweight yet durable linen cotton to give some of our timeless styles a seasonal update. We love the linen cotton because it give the fabric volume and a dimension after its laundered characteristic of all linens but not too much dimension which is a concern I sometimes have with 100% linen garments. In addition we created a cotton chambray short with a mill in Japan that is cut and sewn and laundered in our manufacturing studio in Los Angeles and merchandised with out Jacquard weave Voile stripe shirts also woven in Japan and cut, sewn and laundered with our tailoring co-op in Honduras. I think garments should get better over time and should be very effortless to wear and care for which is probably more of a LA/California fundamental but we are really thrilled with the execution of this seasons assortment that has taken a ton of time on the shoulders of our entire team both domestically and our manufacturing partnerships abroad.

View the new look book below, shot on location in Downtown Los Angeles with Photographer Will Adler, and view the entire Collection assortment

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