Preview: Honduras Trekking Expedition

Preview: Honduras Trekking Expedition

By Shea Parton & Chris Owens

Photos by Jory Cordy

Every season we look to our global network for new opportunities to empower local industries while celebrating their culture. It is an incredibly inspiring process to be doing what we love and to be working with people that we are privileged to call our partners and friends.

A longtime mentor of ours, recently shared the inspiring story of coffee harvested in Siguatepeque, Honduras - that sustains a local hospital. Though in recent years, the once vibrant output market for their coffee has begun to fade and has jeopardized the sustainability of the hospital. The story captured us, and has led us to partner with the coffee plantation to develop a brand of coffee that will be a new division of Apolis. In December of 2011 we received the first delivery of samples from a past harvest and began the Los Angeles roasting process with local friends, Handsome Coffee Roasters. This being a unique project for us, one of the proprietors of Handsome Coffee, Chris Owens, who specializes in their global sourcing, quality control & roasting - will be traveling with us. During our travels Chris will ensure that the lineage of our Honduras harvest to our Los Angels roasting is executed with the highest standards of quality. Owens honed these standards while playing integral roles roasting with Ritual Roasters in San Francisco and setting the quality standards with Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice. 

Starting Febuary 3rd, we will be field testing our new assortment of American-made Standard Issue items while working the harvest, sailing the coast, trekking the Mayan Ruins and visiting our tailoring co-op that crafts our woven shirting in Choloma, Honduras. This trip will be regularly broadcasted on the Apolis Journal, and upon return, we will be releasing a film to showcase the entirety of the journey. Anticipate Apolis in Honduras with what we shared with you on past expeditions: Nepal (Journal | Film | Travel Guide) and Vietnam (Journal | Film).

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