Retail: Sid Mashburn, Peter Samuelson, Store Manager

Retail: Sid Mashburn, Peter Samuelson, Store Manager

By Shea Parton

Photos by Savannah School of Art and Design

One of the most inspirational parts of my week comes from my habitual phone call to our friends at Sid Mashburn (Journal: 22 Sept.), and my seasonal visit to Atlanta always hinges on getting to spend time with the steadfast team at the store. Located off a country highway in the Howell Mill Meat Packing District of Georgia’s capitol, Sid Mashburn continues to offer a fresh interpretation of old standards. Its chief proprietor, Sid Mashburn, has been a godfather figure to his protégés while at the same time establishing lasting friendships. The individuals that polish the SM initials are known for a genuine ability to relate to anyone that walks through their doors and disregards the pretentious 'too cool' reputation commonly found in the world of menswear.

One of these individuals, Peter Samuelson, is a close friend that manages the Mashburn retail enterprise. Samuelson was born in Florida to unwavering parents. Pete learned at an early age the virtue of actions speaking louder than words. Pete’s father, a professor at University of Florida, also taught him the importance of learning through teaching, a practice Pete applies in his daily routine. Samuelson gets to the shop at 830am on his 1997 Vuelta, a steel Italian road bike. Work begins with vendor correspondence and develops on through shop meetings and legendary product merchandising. From then until the store closes, Pete is on the floor with all ears focused on understanding his customer. By 7pm, Pete rides five miles east to his home in the Virginia Highlands. He makes dinner with his girlfriend and spends the remainder of his evenings planning for the future, often over a Hemingway novel. Pete hopes to build off of his Florida State BFA in Fine Art and continue his education in the field of landscape architecture – perhaps one day teaching like his father.

Spending a moment with 30-year-old Pete Samuelson will give anyone peace of mind about America’s next generation. Samuelson moves with a high sense of culture and style, and refuses to sacrifice quality for any flavor of the week – a focus that produces real recognition in our book. Glad to call Pete a true friend and an inspiring member of the Sid Mashburn team.

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