People: Jeremy Koreski, Photographer

People: Jeremy Koreski, Photographer

By Shea Parton & Jeremy Koreski

Photos by Jeremy Koreski

We first met the British Columbia native Jeremy Koreski through a close friend of ours, Darian Hocking of Free / Man.

When Jeremy was in 5th grade a local photographer named Mark Hobson showed a slideshow at his elementary school of his trip across the Sahara Desert and Koreski remembers thinking how that would be amazing to follow in Hobson's footsteps someday. Today Jeremy references meeting his goals by working at something he loves, while being able to provide a comfortable living for his family. Moving forward he hopes to bring awareness to how fragile our natural environment is and hopefully inspire people through his images to respect nature and to be involved with protecting the environment around us and around the world.

Jeremy's dream trip was recently released with a boat-based film and photo trip to the Great Bear Rainforest with Patagonia and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Their team was there for ten days in October of 2012, a time when the forest and ocean come alive and show the full diversity of one of the most unspoiled coastlines in the world. Their skipper took them through some crazy seas, but they also had some of the best sleeps ever on the ocean in total quiet. Groundswell, directed by Chris Malloy, is a short film about the trip and the Northern Gateway Pipeline project that threatens the area.

We are thankful for Jeremy's friendship and willingness to be an Apolis Nomad, a group of inspiring friends that contribute to the Apolis Journal and regularly field-test our collection on their travels to help us improve durability. For more details of how to become an Apolis Nomad, email us.

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