People: Jeremy Koreski, Photographer Update

People: Jeremy Koreski, Photographer Update

By Shea + Raan Parton

Photos by Jeremy Koreski + Lindsay Henwood

We first met the British Columbia native Jeremy Koreski in 2013 through a close friend of ours. Recently, we got the time to catch up with Jeremy and hear about a recent project he is working on.

Jeremy shared, "Growing up in a small costal town I was lucky to have the opportunity to fly in sea planes while learning photography. Now I still love shooting aerials, wheather it's from a plane or helicopter...ideally with the doors off. I've flown a drone a few times, but don't enjoy it as much as being up in the air myself looking and composing through the view finder."

Below are several images Jeremy has recently shot while working on an environmental story in Canada. We hope these photos inspire you as much as they continue to inspire us.

Jeremy hopes to bring awareness to how fragile our natural environment is and hopefully inspire people through his images to respect nature and to be involved with protecting the environment around us and around the world. Buy it here.

We are thankful for Jeremy's friendship and willingness to be an Apolis Nomad, a group of inspiring friends that contribute to the Apolis Journal and regularly field-test our collection on their travels to help us improve durability. For more details of how to become an Apolis Nomad, email us.

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