Collaboration: Apolis + Clare Vivier Wine Tote, Coming May 27

Collaboration: Apolis + Clare Vivier Wine Tote, Coming May 27

By Raan and Shea Parton

Photos by Rick Poon, Sophie Assa, One Kings Lane

We're excited to release our new Apolis + Clare V. Wine Tote for charity: water on Memorial Day, May 27th! Below is our 2014 interview with Clare before our LA speaking series, which you can watch here.


On August 24, we caught up with LA-based accessories designer Clare Vivier as we prepared for our event at our downtown Los Angeles flagship. Mutual friends introduced us to Clare, and we have had the privilege to both be included as new members of the CFDA family. We asked Clare the following four questions that we first previewed on our weekly column. It was great to hear Clare's reflections on her process of becoming a CFDA member:

How long was your process of becoming a CFDA member?

I applied twice for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, and those applications are extremely involved and a lot of work goes into the presentation. My team rallied around me to apply again this year, but with the current growth of the business and the constant traveling for work, on top of having a family, I decided the route of solely applying for CFDA membership would be the smartest choice. The Fashion Fund is an amazing opportunity but ultimately the time commitment seemed like it wouldn’t be right for me at present. That said, I didn’t think I would get into the CFDA the first year I applied, so I was very happily surprised.

What are your long-term dreams for Clare Vivier and the CFDA?

I want to continue to grow and be an accessories brand that explores other categories, like shoes. I think that the network associated with the CFDA will tremendously support our growth within an industry that is extremely relational, especially with larger institutional fashion groups that I respect. Ultimately, long-term, I believe the relationships fostered by the CFDA will be instrumental to the growth of our brand.

What is it about our event on August 27 that most excites you?

I am flattered that you guys had me in mind for this Design & Community event. I’m excited for the opportunity to share the stage with you both; it’s really a privilege. Also, I admire Krista Smith, the senior West Coast editor of Vanity Fair. She’s a really smart woman who will spark an amazing conversation as the moderator. For the event, our team will have a little surprise for those brave enough to make it through L.A. traffic on a Wednesday night. Overall, I’m looking forward to being a part of something that is a great example of L.A.’s growing relevance in the global design community.

What is unique about the creative community in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is fortunate to have a large community of driven, smart, and creative people who don’t take themselves too seriously. People in this city are ambitious, and it truly is contagious. But unlike many other cities, Los Angeles does not create a style of ambition that feels forced—it’s very organic. If you surround yourself with people who enjoy their work, it is a very supportive and stimulating community.


The following photostory is glimpse into Clare's design process, her Los Angeles studio with 30 employees, and a preview from the afternoon before our August 27th event. The following images also foreshadowed an exclusive surprise for people that attended our August 27th event, all thanks to Clare and her team. Clare's best-selling Grande Pochette in five colors was limited to 40 units with an exclusive monogram of Apolis' global citizen slogan in french, Citoyen Du Monde. Clare was kind enough to accompany each purchased clutch with a handwritten note on her in-house stationary.

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