Collaboration: Customize Your Detachable Handle Mini Bag, Now Available

Collaboration: Customize Your Detachable Handle Mini Bag, Now Available

By Shea & Raan Parton

Photos by Laura Iz

We're happy to introduce the latest addition to the growing Apolis Market Bag collection, the brand-new Customizable Detachable Handle Mini Market Bag! Read on to learn more about the original Mini Market Bag, which we initially introduced in April in partnership with talented blogger Laura Izumikawa:

One of the best things about the Apolis community is the opportunities we get to connect with a wide range of talented individuals. One such individual is Laura Izumikawa, whose popular Instagram account @LauraIz chronicles her adventures with her husband and two daughters, Joey and Casey. She's also the author of Naptime with Joey, a charming children's book which features Laura's daughter Joey dressed up in an array of hilarious costumes (seriously, check these out). Laura's also passionate about the Playdate Project, a fundraising event which benefits Olive Crest, a non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse, treating and educating at-risk children, and preserving families. 

We loved joining with Laura to release the new Apolis Mini Market Bag! This cute bag is 6 by 5 inches, and features water-resistant lining and the customized monogram of your choice. It's a fantastic Mother's Day gift.

We recently got to ask Laura a few questions about her passions:

Your bio lists you as a storyteller. What draws you to the power of storytelling?

Before I started out working as a lifestyle photographer, I wanted to pursue photojournalism because I fell in love with the power of storytelling through images. There's so much to learn through listening to other people's stories and there are so many unspoken ones at that. Whether fact or fiction, storytelling has always brought people together and connected them in a very basic human way. After becoming a parent, I feel like my perspective on life has changed dramatically in a way that I see absolutely everything differently from before. Through the eyes of my children, I see people differently, color and textures are richer and deeper, and of course time seems so much more important now. Through my writings, photography, and filming, I love documenting these moments and sharing my personal story of experiencing life's wonders all over again with my children.

What aspect of being a mom do you love sharing with people?

Before I became a mother, I actually didn't want to have kids. All I heard from parents was how hard it was, how it really shook their marriages, and also how they were all too tired to even to do anything else anymore. After I became a mom, I knew EXACTLY what they were all saying, however I found that the joys that come with parenthood completely outweighed everything else. I love sharing with people how even with the tired long days and nights, it's all worth it. I could not be more in love with someone than I am to my girls. Being a parent to my two daughters have stretched me in ways I never thought was possible, but it made me a better human being and I am forever grateful. 

What is your “average” day?

Joey goes to school full-time now so she's there most days of the week learning about everything I wish I had the time to teach her! Most days I stay at home with Casey while I work. While Casey naps, I spend my time working on the next content I'll be posting, taking phone calls or meetings, or finishing up chores around the house. If I'm lucky, I catch up on one of my TV shows or take a cat nap! Once in a while my in-laws will come over and give me some time to take business meetings in the city, meet with friends, or do errands. Once Allen comes home after work, we have dinner together then try to get the girls to sleep by 8:30 pm so we can have some alone time together. :)

What would you tell an aspiring blogger today?

Practice your craft and be consistent with it. Many times people give up too easily on their dreams and goals, but what people don't realize very often is that those who invest in the time to hone in on their skills and consistently push themselves to be better at it are the ones who find success at the end. Everyone has a unique story to tell. Ask yourself what you can offer to this world in your unique perspective and once you know what that is, keep feeding yourself with inspiration and try new things to see how your brand will stretch and grow. Everyone has "potential." You can be sitting doing nothing and still have "potential." Move your potential forward and work hard to get to where you'd like to go next!

Special thanks to Laura for answering these questions and partnering with us to release the original Mini Market Bag! And now, check out the new, limited-edition Customizable Detachable Handle Mini Market Bag.


About Laura: She was born in Tokyo to a Korean mother and a Chinese-Japanese father. At the age of three, Laura moved to Southern California, where she now resides with her husband and two daughters, Joey and Casey. She worked as a lifestyle/wedding photographer for nearly a decade, and originally started blogging in October 2016 after receiving a positive reaction to her Instagram posts of her daughter Joey dressed as pop culture icons while she napped.

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