Introduction: Apolis: Common Gallery & Our 'Local + Global' Market Bag

Introduction: Apolis: Common Gallery & Our 'Local + Global' Market Bag

By Shea Parton & Luke Warner

Photos by Jory Cordy & Jeff Taylor

In 2007, we moved the Apolis HQ from our childhood roots in Santa Barbara to the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District surrounded by artists, designers and craftspeople who inhabit over 1,200 artist in residence lofts. The Arts District occupies the eastern side of downtown and is surrounded by industrial warehouses, the cultural Little Tokyo District, the historic Union Station, and a large assortment of unique restaurants and boutiques. Since 1976, the culture of our neighborhood has been built by an exceptional mix of entrepreneurs and artists, resulting in a thriving community of small businesses with international reputations.

We are always inspired by the people around us, in the short streets around our office. On 3rd Street alone we have partnered with Matt at Matteo on our collection of linen accessories and in recent months we have been working with our friends at Woodsmithe. The hand stamping on each of our knits, every cross stitch and all of our washing and dying are done within a few miles of our office. Riitta & Alan at Traction Press letterpress each of our Gift Vouchers. Our neighbors at Wurstkuche are always there to lend us a ladder and the Novel Cafe is the home of our Tuesday morning meetings. The folks at the SCI-Arc bookstore have tutored us on the most effective art supplies and we’re always happy to see Bryan from Innovation Protocol heading to work next door in his Standard Issue Service Blazer. New businesses like the Traction & Hewitt General Store and The Pie Hole are proving that this is a community that can sustain new growth and we’re looking forward to being an active participant in the success of our local economy.

We’re incredibly proud to announce the opening of the Apolis: Common Gallery, our flagship store, on Saturday, October 29th. Please join us on our opening day for a continental brunch, locally sourced from our neighboring small businesses. Be sure to arrive early as the first ten patrons to spend $200 dollars or more will receive one of the brand new Los Angeles Market Bags, the first Common Gallery product in our Local + Global campaign. In keeping with the true spirit of our Arts District community we will also be hosting the Common Gallery’s Official Grand Opening on the evening of Thursday, November 10th during the Downtown Art Walk. We look forward to seeing you in the Arts District soon.

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