Film: Visionaries Session No 1-3, Apolis: Common Gallery

Film: Corey Petrick, Sam Sanchez, Andy Patch
Editor: Nate Gray
Music: Kevin Matley

Since we opened the doors of Apolis: Common Gallery, our first regionally-branded Apolis retail space in November 2011, we’ve hosted regular Global Citizen gatherings and recently we started our Visionaries Sessions. The goal of our Visionaries Session series is to invite Apolis Nomads to bring their inspiring talents and stories to our local community with a free hands-on workshop and Q&A session.

We have been privileged to welcome cultaral anthropologist turned designer Philip Otto, Handsome Coffee co-founder and culinary expert Tyler Wells, and most recently designer, author, and teacher Clive Piercy. Our thanks to Ace Hotel for hosting our Visionaries Reception Dinner.

We look forward to hosting future speaking series and personally invite you to Apolis: Common Gallery in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District to view our latest collection and learn how we are striving to transform communities worldwide. Contact our Service Manager, Hilmar Skagfield, for a personal invite once details for our next event are finalized.

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