Film: Vietnam Expedition

Film: David Christenson
Edit: Adam Kolkman

Across the globe today people are observing Armistice Day, in celebration of the end of the first World War. Whether you are a committed pacifist or a decorated patriot we can all acknowledge that there is a powerful history of conflict and resolution that we all share. Learning from this collective history, we hope to be part of a bright future of global citizenry that transcends flags, borders and agendas. Apolis’ concept of global citizenship has inspired us to bring a voice and a face to the people who manufacture our products. This autumn we traveled to Vietnam to begin developing a long term partnership with the factory responsible for creating Transit Issue, the most durable and travel-focused products that Apolis has to offer. Today we are honored to celebrate Armistice Day and we are excited to release a short film of our Vietnam Expedition.

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