Film: Innovation & Community at Apolis: Community Centre


CinematographerJosh Itiola

Editor: Tyler Rumph

Music: Kevin Matley

On October 25th we were so thrilled to the first installment of our Speaking Series at Apolis: Community Centre located in Soho, New York. Featuring conversation between Scott Harrison, CEO of charity:water and Katherine Keating, the head of social impact for VICE media, moderated by author and entreprenuer Kyle Westaway.

Kyle Westaway sparked a 30-minute live discussion with insightful questions of his own and spontaneous questions from the audience and social media. The evening was concluded with a Virtual Reality tour of a charity: water project to highlight the excellent work they are doing. Learn more here. Special thanks to the 200+ guests that joined us, as well as Kyle, Scott and Katherine for their valuable insights.

We hope you will join us for our upcoming events - all of which will always be listed on this page. Or feel free to contact our Retail Manager in Soho, Benny Quinonez, for a personal invite.

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