Film: Brooklyn Reception, Apolis: Nomad Market

Film: Lonleyleap
Editor: Tyler Rumph

Nomad Market is a traveling installation featuring Apolis' collectionstories & films. The goal of our Nomad Market is to bring the inspiring talents & stories of our global artisans to a local marketplace. Since October 2012 Nomad Market has passed through ten neighborhoods within New YorkVirginiaTokyoMichiganWashington & California. We're thankful for the global response to Nomad Market! 

We shared our 12th Nomad Market inside Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. A small reception was hosted by Apolis co-founder RaanParton. We would like to thank the Wythe team for their hard work and also all of our friends and Apolis Advocates who joined us in Brooklyn. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Nomad Market in a neighborhood near you.

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