Event: Richmond Reception, Apolis: Nomad Market

Event: Richmond Reception, Apolis: Nomad Market

By Jason Donahoe

Photos by Need Supply, Duncan Wolfe, Chance Llanes

On Friday, February 8th, the team at Need Supply Co. excitedly welcomed the arrival of brothers Raan and Shea Parton to kick off the installation of Apolis' Nomad Market pop-up shop.

More than 100 visitors perused the freshly-constructed Nomad Market installation, surrounded by the scent of the cypress fig candles flickering invitingly inside of the installation tent. Out in the shop, the brothers mingled amongst the eager and curious Richmond crowd, sporting matching grins and Apolis' signature smart style. As the music faded and the conversation quieted, Raan and Shea geared themselves up for a Q and A session with Need Supply Co. owners Chris Bossola and Gabriel Ricioppo.

When asked how they got their start, the Parton brothers spoke about their idyllic upbringing in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. They appreciatively recounted the steps their parents took to ensure they never grew complacent in such a wonderful place.

"Our parents made sure we got to see the world. We travelled a lot growing up. The thing about traveling," Shea explained, "is that everyone notices the differences. But we were just blown away by the similarities. No matter where you go, everyone has the desire to laugh, learn, and provide for their family."

It was the idea of the common threads that exist between all people that inspired Raan and Shea to create Apolis. They set out to create a global business that ties communities together through co-creation and global advocacy.

As the Q and A continued, Shea touched upon Apolis' approach to the fashion busines:  "A lot of the time it's about not being politically correct; not always trying to please people."

Raan provided further insight into the brand's design philosophy, explaining, "We condense our aesthetic down into an ultimate form; simple and functional. Furthermore, we have two lenses to describe how we design. We make our clothes to equip and to empower."

As the conversation concluded and the music swelled, a newfound spirit thrummed within the room, a fervor for the possibilities of industry, of common goals achieved through authenticity and honesty, and for the powerful bonds which tie us together in our humanity.

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