Event: Black Tux Opening at Apolis: Community Centre in Soho, NY

Event: Black Tux Opening at Apolis: Community Centre in Soho, NY

By Shea + Raan Parton

Photos by Sara Beth Turner + Eun Hee Kwon

In opening our New York store 8 months ago, our goal was to create a retail space that New Yorkers would find useful and engaging. We really desire to provide what the local community actually wants, rather than what we might assume they want. So in designing our store, we’ve set things up so that we can host third-party residences that further foster local engagement with our community. We recently had NY-based home and furniture brand TRNK as our first residency, and we are proud to annouce our second residency, one that we believe serves a local purpose.

Our second residency was prompted by a question: where in New York can you find a great-fitting, modern tuxedo to rent when you have an unexpected formal event? Asking around, we couldn’t find an answer to this conundrum. So we turned to our friends at The Black Tux, who have been opening retail locations across America to help solve this problem. We’re delighted to now have them taking up a space in the back of our Soho store, serving as their very first location in New York.

On April 19th we had an opening event to welcome them to the neighborhood. Our reception was with over 150 guests and there was a short live conversation hosted by The Black Tux co-foudner, Andrew Blackmon, and Apolis co-founder, Raan Parton. Andrew & Raan shared their story of how this partnership came about a few honest answers about lessons they have learned since starting their respective brands.

We would like to thank the Happy Cooking NYC team for providing drinks and also all of our friends and Apolis Advocates who joined us in Soho. The Black Tux residency will remain in our Soho space through the 2018 new year. We invite you to swing by Apolis: Community Centre anytime and The Black Tux team will put your measurements on file so the next time you’re invited to an unexpected awards ceremony or bar mitzvah and need a perfectly fitted tuxedo at a moment’s notice!

We hope you will join us for our next event at Apolis: Community Centre that we will announce soon. Contact our Retail Manager, Benny Quinonez, for a personal invite once details for our next event are finalized.

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