Event: Open in New York, Apolis: Nomad Market

Event: Open in New York, Apolis: Nomad Market

By Shea Parton

Photos by N. A. Bowser, Lonelyleap & David W. Smith

One year after opening Apolis: Common Gallery, we're pleased to respond to our strongest following of Apolis in the big apple of New York City. On October 18th we opened our traveling installation Apolis: Nomad Market, starting in Steven Alan's Chelsea Annex. The goal of our Nomad Market is to bring the inspiring talents and stories of our global artisans to a local marketplace. We achieve this through our latest collection of products, a small gallery of photostories, our expedition films and the exclusive Apolis + Steven Alan Chelsea Market Bag.

Over 150 guests joined us for a private opening with drinks, food, and a live conversation, featuring designer and industry leader, Steven Alan. We first met Steven back in 2009 and he has been a close friend and retail partner ever since. With the Nomad Market as our backdrop, we asked Steven a few questions about his perspective on the current & future expectations for brands in the apparel industry. He addressed the changing retail landscape and Apolis’ desire to “take a deep dive into products and how they’re produced.” Steven believes this strategy is in line with a changing consumer who has more choices than ever before and is increasingly choosing to support brands he can believe in. Additionally, Steven told the “slow growth” story of his brand, starting as as retailer, then becoming a showroom, and finally creating his own line of products. He believes his success can partly be attributed to his ability to manage multiple sales strategies while being firmly committed to unique brands and up and coming designers. Finally, Steven noted the future of the industry is increasingly online and the key to leveraging this new frontier is to tie an online strategy to a brick and mortar retail strategy.

Our first Nomad Market gathering was made possible by the Steven Alan and Apolis team who worked literally around the clock to ensure the evening was a success. We would like to thank both teams for their hard work and also all of our friends and Apolis Advocates who joined us in New York. The Nomad Market will remain in Chelsea through the coming weeks and will then move onto a new destination. Keep your eyes peeled for the Nomad Market in a neighborhood near you.

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