Collaboration: Customizable Gold Foil Bags, Available August 16

Collaboration: Customizable Gold Foil Bags, Available August 16

By Shea + Raan Parton

Something gold and new is coming soon! This Sunday, August 16 we’re releasing our Market and Petite Bags with the option to add a single letter in gold foil. The embellishment is made by artist Hanna Snyder who takes great care meticulously applying each letter to the bags by hand. The process begins by cutting each letter out of foil in a heat-activated adhesive. Then it is carefully applied to the bag, before setting the foil sheet on top. Lastly, heat and pressure is applied to the foil and an hour later the excess foil is removed to reveal your chosen letter.

The personalization process of the Market Bag has always been an expression of the #ApolisGlobalCitizen community and our collaboration with Hanna is no different. Her work exemplifies this expression as shown through a recent chat we had about her work, “In everything I create, my aim is to bring people back to themselves by reflecting our shared experiences; home, reverence, hope, and aspiration - to name a few.” We hope you’ll find a little bit of yourself in these handmade works of art!

We're particularly excited about this collaboration because each and every bag sold benefits the community of Saidpur, Bangladesh, where these bags are made. The female artisans at the co-op behind the bags receive wages above Fair Trade standards, along with job benefits, profit dividends, and a retirement fund. That means that not only are these bags durable, eco-friendly, and personalized but that they also tangibly help families and communities across the globe. Stay tuned for the release this Sunday, August 16.


Hanna Snyder is an artist, designer, and writer in East Los Angeles. Most recently she’s enjoyed exploring gouache and is most proud of her recent flash sale of “tiny art”. To learn more about her art visit her online portfolio at and add her on Instagram, @hanna.snyder.

Check out the photostory below to see more of Hanna Snyder.

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