Community: Apolis Outing to Patagonia HQ

Community: Apolis Outing to Patagonia HQ

By Shea Parton

Photos by Sid Beck

On November 14th, 2018, I headed to Patagonia's headquarters in the sun-kissed beach town of Ventura, California, for an exclusive tour hosted by our friends at B Corporation. Off-site events like these allow me to take a break from my usual daily rhythms in order to connect with new people, hear fresh perspectives, and gather ideas for potential future endeavors.

We (Shea and Raan) have always looked up to Patagonia for their commitment to ethical craftsmanship, accountability, and sustainable practices — showing how business can be used to actually help people across the globe.

On this particular tour, I learned about the ways Patagonia is pursuing initiatives to benefit workers and ensure on-site sustainability and I love that I got to capture this punk-rock humble pie moment from Logan Duran (watch quick video clip on my personal instagram). I was grateful for the opportunity to experience these things in person, and I am always thankful to be part of the B-Corp community, as together we seek to use business for good.

Check out the below photos from our Patagonia visit courtsey of Sid Beck.

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