Behind the Scenes: Water + Wine Hosted by NYT Best-Selling Cookbook Author, Danielle Walker

Behind the Scenes: Water + Wine Hosted by NYT Best-Selling Cookbook Author, Danielle Walker

By Shea + Raan Parton

Photos by Life & Thyme, TJ Salsman

Click here to enter the giveaway to win a Customizable Wine Tote — plus, get an exclusive series of behind-the-scenes videos with a fun sangria recipe for Memorial Day, all hosted by NYT best-selling cookbook author, Danielle Walker.

This May, we're doing something new.

Beginning on National Wine Day, we'll be releasing a limited-edition re-stock of our highly anticipated Customizable Wine Tote. Unlike all our other bags, we're only going to release this bag for one week (May 25 - June 2) out of the entire year.


Well, simply put, our bags are made at a specific co-op in Bangladesh that is committed to providing Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund to 145+ mothers — which means that quantities are often limited. We're currently in the process of expanding our production capabilities, but we're committed to doing so in a way that doesn't put pressure on these factories to cut corners in quality or ethical sourcing — though that means we can't offer all our bags at all times of the year

What's more, for each wine tote sold between May 25th and June 2nd, we're going to give $5 to charity: water, a non-profit which works to bring clean water to people in developing countries. 663 million people in the world live without clean water, which is why charity: water's work has such a powerful impact; learn more here. Our goal is to raise $75K to benefit communities across the globe!

In order to share the story behind this Water + Wine initiative, we collaborated with our friend Danielle Walker — Instagrammer extraordinaire and author of the New York Times-bestselling cookbook series Against All Grain. Danielle is passionate about sharing stories, including her own story of how pursuing a paleo diet and healthy lifestyle helped her beat an autoimmune disease. 

We met up with her at winery in St. Helena, an organic wine estate located in the heart of California's legendary Napa Valley wine country. There, amidst the rolling hills and sun-dappled arbors, the Emmy-winning video team Life & Thyme shot a series of entertaining videos, all in order to better explain what this Water + Wine Week is all about (and to share Danielle's delicious exclusive sangria recipe along the way).

We're stoked to share these videos with you once they're edited and ready to go — click here to enter the giveaway to win a free wine tote, and you'll also receive special previews, exclusive looks, and more details about this tote and the cause it will benefit.

Check out the photostory below to see behind the scenes of our recent film shoot. And stay tuned for the Customizable Wine Tote coming May 25 - June 2!

Learn more about this limited-edition wine tote and the charity: water cause it supports here.

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