Advocacy: Bangladesh Mothers

Advocacy: Bangladesh Mothers

By Shea + Raan Parton

Photos by Saidpur Enterprises

We founded Apolis with a commitment to work for advocacy through industry. As we’ve sought to follow this mission, we’ve connected with some incredible organizations working to strengthen and sustain their local economies by bringing new opportunities into their communities.

Saidpur Enterprises in Bangladesh is one such organization which we’ve had the honor to work with. As Mother's Day approaches, we want to recognize the incredible group of moms who are at the heart of this project in Bangladesh. We’re so grateful to partner with these wonderful women, and want to share a few of their stories with you. We hope you’re inspired by their lives and their smiles (photos below) as much as we are!

Asghari  started working with Saidpur Enterprises (SE) in 2006. She and her husband, a rickshaw puller, work hard to provide for their four children. Since working with SE to produce Apolis Market Bags, Asghari has been able to provide meals and schooling for her family. We are thrilled to report that, because of her employment at SE, Asghari has been to fulfill a long-time dream of hers: to support her two sons in pursuing higher education! Her daughters plan on pursuing higher education as well. Asghari has also been able to renovate her house and foster a healthy living atmosphere.

Fatema first started working at Saidpur Enterprises in 2008. Prior to her employment with SE, both she and her husband were unemployed and had difficulty supporting their two children. But since her employment, Fatema has been able to send both of her children to school, and provide for her family. Not only has Fatema been able to support her children, she’s also felt a sense of respect and accomplishment in being able to foster a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the whole family.

Ladly joined Saidpur Enterprises in 2014, after having struggled to provide food and education for her children. Ladly's husband is a tailor, but his job alone couldn’t support their family. Ladly feels immense joy and pride in her current job with SE, because it allows her to provide adequate food and education for her two children. She’s grateful to receive a fair wage, plus dividends and bonuses, in addition to job security and the opportunity to work with like-minded organizations. Ladly was also recently elected the spokesperson for the SE Producers Management Committee.

These stories give a glimpse into the lives of over 20 mothers who we get to partner with in the Bangladesh Project. We want to continually ensure that the mission of “advocacy through industry” shapes the decisions we make at Apolis, and we feel humbled and grateful to hear stories like these – because they remind us why Apolis exists in the first place.

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